The Great Experience

The more time that goes by the more I realize that my list of dream experiences will far exceed my time left. This realization could lead to anxiety and scrambling for the next immediate experience to add to my list. But this is never the road to peace of mind; it is more of the path that leads one to missing the forest through the trees; for the experience is that which is lost when we’re narrowly chasing experiences. Alternatively, there is a path that seeks to take in more of the surroundings and expand how one experiences in order to enliven even the simplest of journeys. For we may be limited to the amount of experiences we can have, but our capacity to experience is ever expanding.

When we take time to notice and engage the senses, the world begins to come alive. I like to think of the world as an onion where the more in tune we are the more we begin to peel back another layer to the complexity. The more the senses are engaged ,the richer the story starts to come; which is why a few fleeting moments listening to the wind through the trees or seeing big waves crash against the rock have the ability to stay with someone longer than a more extravagant vacation seen through the lens of a busy mind. Everything is a great big story, and there are great pages and sentences that we miss when we keep seeking the next chapter.

Tapping into a richer experience starts with gratitude. The eyes of gratitude accept and appreciate any moment. And it is when we’re in this state that the moments reveal their true gifts to us. Living by the senses is something we lost as a culture when we no longer relied upon them for our survival. One that is responsible for their own food and shelter has to be acutely aware of their environment in order to ensure their survival. Living through the senses is a lost art that we need to relearn, but life will become much more rich if we work to employ these traits more fully again.

Since experiences are ultimately limited, crafting the art of being resourceful and maximize how one experiences will lead to a more vibrant story whichever plot structure and setting is to come our way.


autumn shine

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