The Path of Least Resistance

Imagine a flowing stream. The stream is going to do whatever is necessary to follow the most efficient route possible to its destination. It will, by design, move to an area with the least amount of conflict possible. I like to think back to this flowing stream as a beautiful metaphor to how to navigate situations that arise in life. Though it’s tempting to go an immediate route full of conflicting items at times, it is always wisest to take the path of least resistance. Like a stream flowing to the river, it’s always wise to arrange your course of action with the destination in mind. If there is a source of negativity in your life or an issue that must be dealt with, I find taking a step back and briefly thinking about the different courses all of your potential actions will create in this situation. In many of life’s situations, there are a number of ways you can handle something, but usually only a couple different responses can get you to where you need to go smoothly. Continuing to choose conflict builds the resistance you will face on your path. When you react to somebody in a negative way once, you give permission to this situation to arise again. With every peaceful response to a situation, you further carve a safe course to experiencing less conflict in the future, and ideally reach your river of satisfaction!

Streams of Mountains

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