Using Constructive Thought

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Using Constructive Thought

 Recently an idea I have been thinking about is the energy and emotions tied to thinking, and how every thought you have carries with it seeds of an emotion, whether constructive or destructive. From this idea one can work to control how they choose to think to build better health or perhaps indulge in grumpiness if that is their source of pleasure. 

By these examples, it is obvious that how we think plays a pivotal role in the life that we lead. Knowing this we can move towards steering thinking in a way that builds energy and momentum.  The same equation applied to destructive thinking could also be applied to constructive thinking. Using constructive thinking you could eventually inspire a state of health. And every moment carries an opportunity to go one way or the other by a matter of choice. Much of the stress we feel from thinking is born out of reactions to ideas which are neutral at their core which we then decide to react to these ideas based on preconceived thoughts we might have had about them.


This is an area with high levels of creativity. Nature created a wonderful sky on this evening!

Doing anything creative can lead to this fork in the road of destruction and construction. Often creative things are riddled in self-doubt, comparison, condescension and lots of questions. It is helpful  in this regard to think of yourself as your only competitor and everyone else as an ally. Because in reality you are only competing against past works of your own.  You should only hold yourself at the liberty to compare your work to your past creations and accomplishments, and in doing so not be so self-critical.  Take a fairly neutral approach and remember that this past version of you did the best it could with the knowledge and equipment it had. Finding joy in the process of the art is one of the most important aspects to constructive thinking in art. There does come times when the actual creation is more valued than the creative process, but to keep energy high there has to be a lot of joy coming from creating. It is easy to lose sight in the product and not really have it justify the why. It is important to find lots of joy in all aspects of the creative process for your art, otherwise there is going to be stress roadblocks and going back to the stress equation above a resulting loss of quality of life and creative thinking. And I’ve found that I am most joyful when creativity is running high!

To summarize:  Thinking can influence your health for better or worse. You can easily manage your thinking and use it for constructive things like extra energy to apply to creative endeavors .

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