Rushing to the Ocean





In January I managed to escape and find the ever-elusive being during northwest winters: sun. I found this ever-elusive being on the Olympic Peninsula, more specifically: Rialto Beach.

I’ve always loved the presence of the ocean. Through the power of sound and motion it has the ability to immediately attune one back to their natural settings. In a time of ever-increasing unnatural noise, it’s very important to have access to these natural melodies that bring back a sense of wholeness.I am grateful for every step on these beaches and for every tumbling wave that I hear.
The ensuing image is one of my favorites from a fairly productive trip. I liked the emotion of being within the flow of the tide it conveyed. The sea stacks in this area have always been very distinctive and powerful; I can’t help but feel raw and powerful emotions when I see these monoliths.

“A Part of the Wave”

A Part of the Wave

The tree growing out this stack speaks symbolically of the power and isolation of this section of the coast seems to be in relation to most of its national surroundings. Perhaps a lingering remnant to share among the several bald eagles that visit the area. I feel that it deserved some heightened attention with such good light to go around.

“An Eagle’s Observatory”

An Eagle's Observatory

There are definitely times where I feel that I have been at the right place at the right time. I managed to align myself with the setting sun just as it was sneaking between a couple¬† dominant sea stacks. Something that seems fairly unique considering the sun’s setting alignment on the horizon and the rarity of winter sunlight.

“Sharing the Sun”

holding the sun

This image perhaps is not as powerful as the former image, but I think it deserves attention due to the unique light and cloud patterns. It has an abstract quality and graphic simplicity that I enjoy.

“Sprouting Wings”

Sprouting Wings

I managed to get over to the Hoh Rainforest briefly, and I was immediately struck by something interesting along the trail. I love the sculpting a good freeze gives to everything. I was fascinated by the colorful grasses and dusting of ice.

“A Frozen Forest”


I appreciate good light; I know that it is something fairly rare and worth giving heightened attention to when it is there. I do, however, find fog or suboptimal light to be a gift as well. It, in a way, is a hint to tune one’s observation differently. “As above, so below”, is a good thought to hang onto in these situations. Many of the patterns that intrigue at larger level can also be found in the more micro landscapes. These situations also provide optimal times to drift without the concern of achieving anything in particular. I find these moments great for stumbling upon colorful fragments of nature we would have otherwise missed.

“Driftwood’s Pulse”

drift wood

This image is a bit more subtle than the others, but I liked the misty ambiance, reflective tones, and the expansiveness of the scene.

“A Blanketing Tide”



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